News and updates


Register’s website address (URL) has changed

16 May 2022

The website address (URL) for Register has now changed to:

You will be automatically redirected to the new URL if you use the old one, so you will not see any disruption to your work or the service.

HESA records now visible in Register for the April census update

9 May 2022

The import from HESA to Register is working normally. This means if you’re a Higher Education Institute (HEI), you can use Register to see data that you have updated and uploaded to HESA. This will allow you to complete your April census update by 13 May.

If you have updated any data about placements in HESA, you will not be able to see this in Register yet, but this will be available in future. If you identify any further issues with your data, contact

April HESA census update extended to Friday 13 May 2022

29 April 2022

The import from HESA to Register is ongoing. This means if you’re a Higher Education Institute (HEI) of Initial Teacher Training (ITT), you can update and upload data to HESA, but you cannot see this update on Register yet. We’ve extended the deadline for the April census update from 29 April to Friday 13 May.

We will update you when your data is visible to check on Register.

DTTP switch off and transition to Register

16 March 2022

At 5pm on 28 March 2022, DTTP will no longer be available. From this date, there will be no access to DTTP and you should use Register for all actions previously performed on DTTP.

There will be two days of downtime from 29 to 30 March when trainee data will not be available on either DTTP or Register. From 31 March, all trainee data from 2020 to 2021 onwards will be available in Register. Earlier trainees, who are not marked as having left, will also be available in Register.

When you need to provide trainee start dates has changed

20 January 2022

When registering a trainee, we were always asking when the trainee started, even if their course had not started. Now, we will only ask when the trainee started, after their course has started.

You’ll need to provide a start date before you can recommend a trainee for QTS or EYTS.

Draft records are now separate from the list of registered records

4 January 2022

Instead of having a single list with all of your records, there are now separate lists for draft and registered records.

Support during the Christmas period

21 December 2021

The support desk will close at 2pm on Friday 24 December 2021. It will open again on Tuesday 4 January 2022.

If you have an urgent problem during this time, you can still contact us at

The Department for Education (DfE) has published the provisional data for the 2021 initial teacher training (ITT) census

3 December 2021

DfE has published the provisional data for the ITT census for September and October 2021. The publication provides national and provider-level information about the numbers and characteristics of new entrants to initial teacher training in England in the academic year 2021 to 2022.

Read the provisional 2021 census data publication

You no longer need to provide a lead or employing school for trainees who are employed or funded privately

1 September 2021

When you’re registering a trainee, we were asking for a lead or employing school in all cases. If a trainee is employed or funded privately, we do not need this information so we’ve added a ‘not applicable’ option to the lead and employing schools sections. You do not need to provide lead or employing schools if the trainee is employed or funded privately.