Register trainee teachers

Register trainees with the Department for Education and record the outcome of their training.

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Bulk recommend trainees for QTS or EYTS

5 June 2023

You can now recommend multiple trainees at the same time for QTS or EYTS.

Read about how to bulk recommend trainees.

This service has replaced the TRA initial teacher training provider portal

2 June 2023

Higher education institutions (HEIs) must now use this service instead of the provider portal to:

  • withdraw trainees who are no longer training for qualified teacher status (QTS) or early years teacher status (EYTS)
  • defer trainees or reinstate them when they return to training - you can also do this through the Higher Education Statistics Authority (HESA) service if you used it to register the trainee
  • recommend trainees for QTS or EYTS
Read about how to withdraw, defer, reinstate or recommend a trainee for QTS or EYTS.

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