Request an account for Register trainee teachers (Register)

Who can get a Register account

You can only get a Register account if you are one of the following:

  • an initial teacher training (ITT) accredited provider
  • a lead school involved in School Direct training routes

Steps to get an account

Follow these steps to get an account to use Register.

Step 1: Get a DfE Sign-in account

To use Register, each person in your organisation will need a DfE Sign-in account.

The email address you use for your DfE Sign-in account must:

  • be a named individual email address, for example
  • have an email domain from your organisation, for example we cannot accept emails that end with or

Get a DfE Sign-in account if you do not already have one.

Step 2: Email us to request a Register account

Once you have a DfE Sign-in account with a named email address, email

In your email, tell us:

  • the name of the accredited provider or lead school you work for
  • that you would like to start using Register
  • the email address used for your DfE Sign-in account

If there is more than one person at your organisation who would like to get set up, you can send one email with everyone’s details.

Step 3: Start using Register

Once you’ve sent us the email in Step 2, we will set up your Register account.

We will then email you with a link to start using Register.

Step 4 (optional): Access to multiple providers or lead schools

If you need access to multiple providers or lead schools, you do not need to create multiple user accounts.

Once your Register account is set up, you can request that the relevant organisations are added to your account by emailing