Register trainees through HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency)

Training providers that use HESA can register their trainees by submitting data through the HESA data collection system.

Your trainee data will then be imported into the Register trainee teachers service (Register).

You’ll be able to view or export trainee data, including your trainees’ teacher reference numbers (TRNs).

Find out when you should submit your trainee data

How trainees are grouped on the Register homepage

When you sign into Register you will see ‘Draft trainees’ and ‘Registered trainees’ sections on the homepage.

You can filter ‘Registered trainees’ by the following ‘training statuses’:

  • ‘Course not started yet’ - trainees who are registered but their course has not started
  • ‘In training’ - all trainees currently doing training, excluding those on courses that have not started or are deferred
  • ‘Currently deferred’
  • ‘Awarded this year’ - all trainees awarded QTS or EYTS in the current academic year
  • ‘Incomplete records’ - registered trainees that are missing data

Check data imported into Register from HESA

You can check your trainee data once it has been imported into Register. At any time you can:

  • export a CSV file listing your trainees from the ‘Registered trainees’ section, using the ‘academic year’ or ‘start year’ filter to select the current academic year
  • check your trainees directly in the service one by one

In the CSV export from the ‘Registered trainees’ section, we’ve included a column called ‘hesa_updated_at’ which shows you the last time a record was updated through HESA. Use this column to check that all your new trainees have imported into Register from HESA.

You can also export CSV files from the ‘Reports’ section when you need to sign off your:

  • new trainees for the census in October
  • trainee outcomes from the previous academic year for performance profiles in January